The Challenge

To go beyond Absolut’s current products, contexts and business models and challenge them to create something new. With only two weeks to build a prototype for the future of connected nightlife.

The Solution

The Absolut Cube is a BLE connected service device for restaurant guests and staff. You simply flip The Cube to your desired choice, The Cube then lights up to get the waiter’s attention. Simple, interactive and efficient! 

The Result

The Cube will work as a bridge between the guest and the waiters. It’s easier for the guest to know that they are getting the attention with the cube being lit up. It will also be easier for the waiters as they don’t have to take unnecessary trips to tables. The restaurant owner will also benefit with having a smoother service which results in having more guests.

My Role


Tools and technologies

Adobe Premier
Adobe After Effects


The Full Story

The Challenge

We had two weeks to work on for this project. First we interview ourselves as we all are avid city explorers. We found that we don’t party as much anymore and that we enjoy a good dinner with friends and pub visit a lot more. As friends are growing older and spend more time on work and their significant others, we found out that we always went out to have a fun with old friends to talk. There we found our pain point which was that we couldn’t give our friends the attention they deserve because someone in the company always had to try and get the attention of the waiter for either order something and/or to pay.


The Solution

We looked at other solution where you could need to get the attention for a service. On airplanes you push a button to get help, we saw there were restaurants that had a like a coaster with green and red sides to indicated that you wanted more food and when you are full. We thought about putting buttons on the tables, but that would be to much of an investment for the restaurant owners. So I came up with a cube that would light up. A cube would not only make it inviting to use but it would also light up as a cozy candle. We build the prototype by laser cutting a white acrylic plexiglass. As the hardware we used a Lightblue Bean arduino board for the accelerometer and 6 neopixels to light it up.


The Result

The Absolut Cube is a service for the restaurant service. There are tre kind of people this is for. First is for the guests. When the guest turns the cube it will send a notification to the staff that they need their service. This will solve the pain point as a guest.

It will also help the waiter as they don’t have to guess when the guests needs help. It is also a good way to not lose your table as every cube can be assigned to a table. We think that this will make it less stressful for the waiter which means that they can focus on their guests experience better which will gain the chanced for a better tip.

The last but not least is the restaurant owner who can now get more tables over night as people who want to get a table can quickly get one by looking at which tables wants to pay. It also means that the owner need as many waiters as it gets more automatized.