The Challenge

Come up with something new and innovative for Nordea in 48 hours.

The Solution

We came up with a way to get young adults more involved with their bank and for the bank to have a more social interaction with the users. 

The Result

An app where we make budget and money managing more visual. A way for them to glance at their budget through the notification center. And we also made a system where users can buy shares together and the bank giving them news and updates through a social feed.


My Role

Lead UX/UI Designer
UX Research

Tools and technologies

Sketch 3
Adobe Photoshop


The Full Story

The Challenge

We had 48 hours to come up with an idea and pitch it to Nordea. After we formed a team we decided to focus on millennials as our target group. We quickly found three insight we could go with. First that young adults don’t plan more than a week, the highest a month ahead. The second is that money is something you should have, nothing you should nurture. The third was that banks feel disconnected and old fashioned.


The Solution

We came up with an app where it could eliminated some major frictions that the users had. A way to glance on your budget, because young adults don’t always know how much money they have left at the end of each month. They also borrow money from each other or take money from their own saving accounts but don’t remember how much. There should also be a better way to sort your budget. And as a young adult who wants to start investing on shares but don’t have the money to do it.


The Result

We solved the quick glance by showing how much you have left in total on your Notification Center, you can also add more from your own budget list. Budget lists is also something new and something that works automated, as the bank knows the most popular brands, then if you buy food from your grocery shop it will auto detect where the payment took place and remove that amount from your food budget. We also incorporated a way to see how much over budget you go every month so that the young adult can learn from their mistakes. We also gave them the possibility to buy shares together with their friends and see on what shares their friends buy. We made the baking system social. The bank will be there and give them news and updates on everything stock related.