The Challenge

To make TaskRunner’s service more instant and on demand. To come up with a way that would invite the users to not only post tasks  (posters) but also do tasks (runners). Find ways to make the user journey shorter.

The Solution

A mobile application that has both the posters and the runners selection in a easy to use menu. A quick way to glance good runners and a better way to communicate. Made it more easier to find task to be done and a better way to find loyal runners.

The Result

We took away the bidding feature and replaced it to let the posters choose top ranked runners near the location.
We made it sociable and gamified to encourage loyal runners to be more seen and a way to interact with each other and add them to their favorite list. Posts not taken would after a time limit go up on the board, where everyone can see them and apply to them. To make sure that the tasks gets done.


My Role

Lead UX/UI Designer
UX Research

Tools and technologies

Sketch 3
Adobe Photoshop
UX Pin


The Full Story

The Challenge

TaskRunner is a start-up that knows that there is a demand for their service but they know that they can still get better. At that time they had just launched their website. They wanted to explore a way to simplify their service and also have a mobile application. So started with landscaping the market. After we found who the target group and got to know them, we started to map out their patterns and in that find the pain points. With the pain points we started to build more accurate assumptions.


The Solution

With these assumptions we started building prototypes and testing them as soon and fast as possible to see what worked and what didn’t. By doing this user testing it allowed us to collect a lot of useful information that we could build upon. We iterated and tested it again in a constant flow. We found out that safety was a big concern for the users. When it comes to start-ups without an establish name it makes the user more cautious. Safety is always very important when it comes to a service that is based on people helping each other.Another question that we had to tackle was how they could know that people were going to do their task they posted. What if a runner wouldn’t see it. Another big question was if the information they gave was enough for the task to be understood.This meant that we had to find a way to make role models for the service. A way to make the posters feel more safe that their tasks are going to get done. Find a way to make the user feel that they are giving the right information. And a way to feel secure in the service.


The Result

The TaskRunner App only uses one menu and you don’t have to switch your user status from being a poster and runner which makes it more inviting to use both sides of the service. We also cut down the steps to post a task into one screen, we also removed the bidding feature as it was slowing down the service to wait for a counter offer. Now you get a list of runners that are near your area and are ranked list.

Ranking is also something we implemented to reward loyal runners, with rating we can also filter out the bad ones to make the service more secure. We also thought it was crucial to have a chat system inside the application instead of giving your phone number away, because if you use your real number you can feel insecure to leave it out. It also reduce the cases of users continuing their relationship outside the service.