The Challenge

Young adults are not donating money and people in general are giving less money away. WWF Also has a lot more sections they are focused on but are overshadowed by their animal section. To find a way to make the other sections more noticeable and a way to get the young adults to donate. 

The Solution

We found that young adults don’t donate because they can’t see what they donate to. They also don’t want to donate that much money as they need the money at the end of the month.

The Result

An app where we showcase all the sections and where you can choose small projects on each section to donate to. Each project will come with a video where they pitch what they want to use the funds for. Instead of using the word donate we used the word "love". If you love a project you will get weekly video updates until the project is done.


My Role

Lead UX/UI Designer
UX Research

Tools and technologies

Sketch 3
Adobe Photoshop


The Full Story

The Challenge

Young adults don’t donate to charity organizations anymore. WWF asked us to find a way where we can get the young adults to donate. They also wanted a way to showcase their other sections and not only their animal section. We had 48 hours to come up with an solution and pitch it to them.


The Solution

After some research we found out that young adults do not donate because they cannot afford paying that sum each month. They also don’t trust companies anymore. They say that they can’t see how their donation is being used or if their donation even matter. We also found out that they found people approaching them for donation bothersome and would rather just avoid them as they always are on the move to somewhere.


The Result

We made an app where you can donate on a fixed amount 20SEK to one or different projects. We also changed the word donation to love. First you choose which section you want see and then you get projects page for that section. Here are 5-6 projects displayed that WWF are doing at the moment and if you enter one of them you can view a video where they explain why they want you to donate to that project and by doing so you will get weekly updates. The weekly updates will be in a video blog form and will encourage the users decision to the donation.