Don’t forget to watch you back

This week we had the pleasure to have two more lectures with the always inspiring Per Håkansson. This time he talked a lot about mindfulness and to remember that we need to take care of ourself. You should always take care of both body and mind so that you can be more productive during the day. Inspired by those lectures I decided to write this blog post that will help you improve your life with the most minimal effort.

Home sweet home

First thing first. You should really spend money on two things. On your shoes and your bed, because if you are not in one then you are in the other. Having a good bed will make you feel more rested every morning, a good sleep is very important to have and will make you have more energy during your day. I bought a really good tempura mattress, but I’m looking at upgrading it when I move to a Hästen mattress or a Tuft & Needle one. Also get into the habit to make your bed every morning as when you get home after a long day of work seeing your bed nice and tidy is the best feeling ever.

These shoes are made for walkin’

Shoes is something I have change my habit on, before I used to rock fine shoes all the time but I have some old knee injury from my old soccer days that was bothering me. Nowadays I’m using the Nike’s Air Max or Roshe One as well as Adidas ZX-Flux. They all come in crazy colors but I always get the black and white ones. Find good comfortable shoes to use in your everyday life and fine shoes for showtime. Also get custom molded shoe inlays, it is a bit pricey but it helps you prevent future injuries.

Sit down son

If you work at a place where you need to sit in front of a computer all day, get a good ergonomic chair. The best one I found is Herman Miller, it’s really pricey but it holds for years. Another thing I found is that Ikea released affordable electric desks where you can adjust the height of the table top. This is good so that you can stand up when you are answering emails and sit down while doing more complicated work. You will be sitting a lot during the day so prevent back pains before you get them. If you don’t have the money to buy a ergonomic chair. Try to sit at the edge of your chair it will force you to sit upright, it’s almost like sitting on a exercise ball. There is also a new product called BetterBack that can help you sit up right.

Write it down

Start writing a journal. If you have never done that I then recommend to start with the 5 minute journal where you answer some questions every morning like ”What would make today great?” and before going to bed where you write down 3 amazing things that happened that day. You can also get the Passion Planner if you a more planner type. This helps you to appreciate the little things and also let’s start the day without stressing for whats to come. You can also get into the habit to meditate every morning for a couple of minutes. Try out the Headspace app to get you going.

These are just little things you can improve your daily life with the most minimal effort on your part. Take care of yourself and your body. You are worth it.